Miss Bumple’s is new to the preschool provider community. Its founders and directors are a team of educators, psychologists, and para-educators committed to bringing your child developmental mastery combined with superior education and a not so ordinary very unique and special experience full of “Bumplisms” (Miss Bumple’s words of wisdom)!

The beginning years are paramount in a child’s development because they pave the foundation going forward on life’s pathway as an academic learner and a responsible, happy, productive person. Miss Bumple's is dedicated to lighting the way for your child to successfully navigate through the various stages of development. Miss Bumple'swill assist your child in gaining self confidence, a sense of value in the world, and the ability to adapt to life’s everyday changes with ease.

In addition, our school provides an environment where differences are celebrated and appreciated, and where children are encouraged to openly express their ideas and opinions. Miss Bumple's invites children to use their imagination, explore their environment, expand their awareness, and reach their highest potential.

Miss Bumple's combines a developmental approach to learning with directed teaching interjected at just the right times. This assists a child in achieving academic success because the material a child is introduced to will be developmentally appropriate! Our focus is on the complete child, integrating mind, body, spirit along Miss Bumple's wisdom, which comes from years of experience with children from all walks of life. Miss Bumple's goal is to have children transition from our school into first grade with self confidence, good social skills, appreciation of differences, and a zest for learning.

I say thanks from the deep of my heart for your valuable time and assistance. I will entirely be grateful to you for this decency.

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